If I should choose a direction
I would travel east
And count how many nights it takes
To return to the footprints of my soul
Or maybe I’ll get lost
And dance under leaves of trees
I’ve never seen before
The smell of freedom forever brightening my view

I might make a home in that moment
Live a thousand lives in that moment
And tumble over air, still warm with your breath
The harmony of my being catching rainbows
Tracing borderlines of countries
Insensitive for societies
Because my heart is but a thunderstorm
And rain is all that belongs to me

And I promise
I’ll make death wait on me
When the wind no longer burns in my veins
I’ll embrace my stellar destiny
Hide within Osiris and forever chase
The origin of my name

But for now, I would travel east
Trace the dust of the sun
And braid silk and satin words
Out of memories lingering in the
Hallways of my mind
Just in case you need to find me

I would travel east
And crumble the moon into pieces
Wrap them up in fairytales and
Shadows of unknown languages
My essence, small enough for you to
Wear under your skin
I’ll pin your smiles on the deep, dark nights
And when you finally travel east
You’ll understand the ocean’s song
As we count distance and time
With single eyelashes blown into the emptiness that you left
And when you’re far enough
You’ll understand that a mother’s love
Is the only thing pure enough
To create life
After death


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