Poems In Ink

This is a call to all poets for a new project: I’m looking for poets worldwide to exchange handwritten poetry with.

You know, the way people used to write letters, back in the day before Facebook and Twitter and text messages and what not. If you are interested, send me a message on here or by email (soraya_deb@yahoo.com). We exchange postal addresses or POBoxes and send each other 1 poem by regular mail. You can decorate the paper, explain the poem, tell me the background story, your inspiration,… whatever you feel like, as long as you send me a poem. Handwritten and signed with your poetry name or real name. Whatever you choose.

I will do the same for every poet who helps me out. This project has no commercial reasons, it’s just a way to satisfy my passion. Let’s get the ball rolling.

Oh btw, I’m located in Belgium – Europe, just in case you’re wondering


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